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Best Gas Fireplace – Honest review and buying guide

Those days when you used to spend hours after hours to split woods to make a fireplace. Nowadays, people used to use a gas fireplace to make fire and keep the room warm in the winter. It is cost-effective and less hassle for sure. You need to cut and size the wood pieces outdoors to make a fire where this gas fireplace offers a simple ignition to make fire.

Also, a gas fireplace offers more efficiency and easy installation. However, to get the best out of it, you have to choose the best gas fireplace for your home. A good fireplace will help you keep your room or home warm in the winter while consuming less energy to save more money compared to a wooden fireplace.


With the increasing popularity of gas fireplaces, the market has become more competitive with so many brands and models. Finding the best gas fireplaces for your home is somehow daunting, especially for newbies. We have got your back with some suggestions.

Name Dimensions Weight Key Features Price
Empire Tahoe Millivolt Fireplace 16.38 x 37 x 32.68 inches 102 pounds
  • Easy on off switch
  • Direct vent for better room environment
  • Easy to install
Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DT 31.93 x 14.37 x 28.27 inches 78 pounds
  • 1,000 sq. ft. coverage with 30,000 BTU/hr.
  • Overheat sensor
  • Dual fuel technology
ProCom Heating 10.75 x 27.7 x 16 inches 10.75 pounds
  • 15, 000 BTU power output
  • Dual fuel technology
  • 9% efficient with vent free design
Pleasant Hearth 36 Compact 35.75 x 26.5 x 38.75 inches 98 pounds
  • 20, 000 BTU output to cover up to 700 sqft
  • Thermostat for auto temperature control
  • Vent free systems for higher efficiency
Bond Manufacturing 63172 19.49 x 19.49 x 29.13 inches 44 pounds
  • 40,000 BTU heat output with natural light
  • High quality construction
  • Pulse ignition for easy fire making
ProCom Ventless Dual Fuel Stove 13 x 33.5 x 25 inches 59 pounds
  • 25, 000 BTU heat output with 1, 100 sq. ft coverage.
  • Vent free design for 99. 9% efficiency
  • Thermostat Control for auto heat control
Ashley Hearth AGC500VFMLP 20 x 27 x 29 inches 215 pounds
  • 1, 000 square feet coverage with 31, 000 BTUs output
  • High quality construction
  • Highly efficient with vent free design

1. Empire Tahoe Deluxe 36″ Direct-Vent NG Millivolt Fireplace

The Empire Tahoe Millivolt Fireplace is one of the best gas fireplaces you can have for your home. It comes with a 20,000 BTU temperature output that will make your room warm within a very short time. Also, this is not too much heat that can make your room uncomfortable as well. You can enjoy a nice and comfortable room environment. No matter whether you are sleeping or resting, a comfortable room is important.

The heater is rated up to 83 percent efficiency, meaning that you will have maximum efficiency to save more money yet produce more heat. Since it is a direct vent gas fireplace, it uses more natural gas and converts it into the heat efficiently. You surely don’t want to waste money.

The fuel consumption of this fireplace is natural gas. As a consequence, it can deliver up to 25% more efficiency. Also, you will have no spark as well which makes it even more family-friendly. It comes with a glass so that no fire can come out. Moreover, there are optional faux doors available as well that you can use to protect your kids from touching the hot glass and burning their hands.

You have an On/Off Switch that makes it extremely easy to start and shut down. Along with that, it is a gas fireplace insert that means it will work smoothly and heat your room even during a power outage. So from now, you can be tension-free about room heating during the power outage.

Installation is a big problem for fireplaces. The good news is, you can install it with less hassle. You can even install it in an existing opening too. Though it does not come with all the elements needed for installation, you will find those easily.  

The dimension of the vented gas fireplace is 37″ Width x 35 5/8″ Height. That means it can fit perfectly in the corner of your room. With its 16 3/8″ Depth Compact design, it does not take many places in your room as well while providing you a good heat for sure.

  • Heat a medium to the large room fast
  • Extremely efficient with fuel-burning
  • Direct vent technology for more energy saving
  • Can heat up the room during a power outage
  • Fit perfectly at the corner of your room
  • No blower is included
  • Does not come with faux doors
  • Additional things require to install it

2. Pleasant Hearth Intermediate Gas vent free stove

Pleasant Hearth vent free stove is another effective fireplace to make your room warm and comfortable. This one can generate heat a maximum of 30,000 BTU. That means it will heat up your room within a very short period of time and is better than the previous one.

However, one common problem with fast heating is overheated. When a fireplace makes the room heated so fast, chances are high that it will make your room overheat and you will be uncomfortable. The good news is that it comes with an overheat sensor that means it can understand the level of heat.

Not only that but also it has a thermostat control knob that will turn the fireplace off when the temperature is too high for your room. It helps the heater to maintain an ideal heat for your room.

With this fireplace, you can heat up to 1,000 sq. ft. area which is more than enough for your large room or even a small flat. That means this single fireplace will be suitable for your family and you don’t have to invest more money to buy a fireplace for every single room.

It is equipped with dual-fuel technology. That means you can use either LP or NG gas to make fire. This ensures flexibility and uses any fuel that you find more convenient. You know, not everywhere everything is available.

Moreover, you have a dual burner that will deliver 2 rows of flames. You will find it a more real-looking fire that even will enhance the beauty of your room. On a winter night, watching the fire and enjoying a cup of tea will surely be enjoyable. And if you have your wife or husband beside you, that will be even more romantic for sure.

This is a Vent-free gas fireplace meaning that you can get more efficient heat for your room. You can save even more energy than the vented fireplace easily. Surely, you do not want to spend a lot of money every year just to heat your room when you have a cost-effective solution, right? Also, it removes the hassle to use any chimney as well.

The fireplace comes with a minimum clearance design. As a consequence, you can easily install it without any hassle. And you know the best part? You can use it almost anywhere in your room. Just make sure you have kept a 5-inch clearance to the wall from the back of this stove.

  • Heat the room faster yet does not overheat the room
  • Capacity to cover a large area easil
  • Dual fuel technology for more convenience and efficiency
  • Multiple burners for a real fire like feelings
  • Easy to install and highly efficient
  • The use of such fuels can cause cancer
  • No flower included

3. ProCom PCS150T Fireplace Insert

If you are after the best gas fireplace insert, you may consider choosing the ProCom PCS150T Ventless Fireplace Insert. This one comes with a DUAL FUEL TECHNOLOGY that offers you the flexibility to use either propane or natural gas. You know you won’t have everything near you every time you need them. This option helps you find the fuel anytime anywhere.

You can get a decent 15, 000 BTU heat output from the fireplace. That means it will heat your room faster while making the room not that hot or uncomfortable. With this amazing fireplace, you can cover up to 800 sqft smoothly which is good enough for a medium room.

However, sometimes, the temperature goes high, especially when it runs for a long time. Or maybe you need a slightly higher temperature and this 15, 000 BTU heat makes your room uncomfortable. The good news is that you have a variable control Thermostat that allows you to adjust the heat output and make the room temperature perfect for you. You can easily keep your warm during the cold weather.

One common problem with the fireplace is that sometimes, it damages the look of the room. This is because of the wrong design of the fireplace. However, this dual fuel fireplace insert comes with 5 hand-painted real life looking detailed logs for you. These are made of high-quality ceramic fiber along with concrete materials that make it perfectly suitable and stylish for your room. Also, it ensures durability as well.

The fireplace is a Vent Free gas burner that offers you up to 99. 9% efficiency. That means you can save a lot of energy without wasting too much money on fuel. Since it is vent free, you need no additional duct or any kind of chimney as well. As a consequence, you can play your part to save the environment too.

Sometimes, due to heat spread through the room, the oxygen level goes down or the carbon monoxide level goes high that may cause you some serious breathing issues. This fireplace insert features a built-in oxygen depletion sensor that detects the level of oxygen and if it is low, the sensor will shut the fireplace off to prevent any damage and make your environment comfortable for you.

Making fire in the fireplace is somehow a hassle work. With this fireplace, you will have a battery-assisted Piezo ignition that makes it easier to make fire. When making fire, you will get flickering yellow flames that will keep yourself relaxed, romantic, and cozy.

  • Offers the flexibility to use fuel
  • Make your room heated fast with proper oxygen supply
  • Allows you to control the heat output to make the room comfortable
  • Classic and good looking design
  • Extremely efficient and convenient to use
  • No remote control facility
  • Need a plumber to install the fireplace

4. Pleasant Hearth 36 Vent Free Fireplace System

Pleasant Hearth 36 Vent Free Fireplace is another great ventless propane gas fireplace you can have for your home. With this fireplace, you can get up to 20, 000 BTU’s/hr heats that will heat up your room within a very short period of time.

You may think that this fast heating may make your room environment uncomfortable. But with the Thermostat control knob, this fireplace adjusts the room temperature so that you do not experience any overheating at all.

You know, overheating may bring the oxygen level down and carbon monoxide levels high that can cause serious health issues. With this fireplace, you are free from that, though some people find it tough to control to heat.

Since this fireplace uses vent free technology, you do not need a chimney at all. This enhances the beauty as well as the efficiency of the fireplace easily. Also, it reduces hassle as well.

A question comes about the coverage when talking about the fireplace. Well, this one can easily cover up to 700 sq. feet which is equal to a medium to a large room. That means you can install it in your living room and enjoy a comfortable environment for sleeping.

When it comes to installing, this comes with both the wall and corner installation options. That means you can easily install it where you find it comfortable and beautiful to see. You surely do not want to destroy the beauty of your room, right?

This fireplace will improve the aesthetic look of your room with its rich heritage finish. People will see it as furniture in your room because of this finish. Moreover, though this one comes with a single burner, the flame curves in a U shape. As a consequence, you will see 2 rows of flames that will make you relaxed to watch. You can enjoy any audio or reading a book with a cup of coffee or tea in front of this fireplace.

You need to use propane to make fire. You know, propane is mostly available almost everywhere. Even if you live in a remote area, you will find this fuel. Also, you can store it for a long time, unlike other gases. So overall, this one can be a great example of the best propane gas fireplace for your home. You should give a try.

  • Automatically adjust the heat to control a comfortable room environment
  • Fast room heating with higher efficiency
  • Can cover a large room with ease
  • No chimney or flue needed
  • Classic finish with U shape flame make it more beautiful
  • Does not support a remote controller
  • Not supported in California or Canada

5. Bond Manufacturing 63172 Newcastle Propane Firebowl

If you need something to heat the environment yet provide a nice moment for a small home party or outdoor party, you should consider the Bond Manufacturing Propane Firebowl. It will give you enough heat to warm your room or party environment and provide you natural light to make the moment more memorable.

The firepit offers a maximum of 40,000 BTU heat output that will make your room warm within a very short time. Also, it features natural light that will allow you to make a date or small gathering around the flame. The flame looks completely natural and amazing at night.

You have the stainless steel burner that is covered by Natural lava rock. This cover is given so that it can preserve the fire pit’s integrity and you get a perfect flame. You know, a good-looking flame can improve the mood of the party.

The fire pit is constructed with durable yet lightweight Envirostone. You may know that it is a UV and weather-resistant material that offers great support in outdoor use. However, what I like most about this material is its classic look. It brings some unique vibe to the party that you will like if you have good taste.

There are stacked stones as well to design the firepit. These amazing stones add a real handcrafted flair to this firepit. When you use this firepit at your home or outdoors, it will enhance the aesthetic look of your room easily.

One common problem with the stone firepit is cracking, fading, and chipping. All of these happen due to the UV light, high temperatures, and salt. With its ProCoat coating system, it protects the unit from all those problems and it remains clean and fresh for a long time. This ensures durability and a good look.

By looking at the firepit, you may think that it will be tough for you to make fire. But the good news is that it comes with a pulse ignition that makes the lighting and extinguishing easier for you. Even you can easily adjust the flame easily and set it to your desired size to make the party or mood more enjoyable. A control knob is there to adjust the flame.

You need to use an internal 20 lb. propane tank that will provide a good service time easily. A party or date may go for a long time. To cover up the time, this large propane tank is necessary. Also, since propane is one of the most available gases in the market, you will easily get it when necessary. So all in all, it can be the best outdoor gas fireplace.

  • Extreme fast heat build-up
  • Easy to adjust the flame size
  • Durable construction for longevity and protection
  • Good looking and decent design
  • The easy ignition system for maximum convenience
  • No proper heat control

6. ProCom Ventless Dual Fuel Stove

Looking for the best gas fireplace? Well, why don’t you consider the ProCom Ventless Dual Fuel Stove? It is specially designed to heat up a large area within a short period. You will have 25, 000 BTU temperature output that is more than enough to heat up your room.

You may ask how large a room it can heat within a short time. Well, it has a capacity to heat up to 1, 100 sq. ft. That means you can easily use it for a large room. Besides, it features a patented DUAL FUEL TECHNOLOGY. As a consequence, you can use both natural gas and Liquid Propane whichever you feel is more convenient and available.

Since it heats up a large room very fast, overheating can be a great problem, especially if you use it in a small room. Also, it can increase the carbon monoxide level and decrease the oxygen level as well. This simple-looking thing can cause you some serious breathing issues, even death.

To prevent this problem, this one offers a built-in Thermostat Control. It will maintain a comfortable room temperature all the time by turning off the stove when the temperature is too high. That means you don’t have to worry about maintaining the temperature manually at all.

Besides, it features a built-in pilot oxygen depletion sensor as well. This will detect the oxygen level and turn the stove off if the level is low. The same thing will happen when the carbon monoxide level will go up as well. That means you are safe from low oxygen, overheating, and higher carbon monoxide gas.

Since it is a Vent Free gas burner, you do not need to use any duct or chimney. This will improve the efficiency of fuel consumption by up to 99/99% while reducing the cost as well. This also has environmental protection as well as energy conservation protection too.

Having a Battery Assisted Piezo ignition system adds an additional benefit for this fireplace. You can easily make fire without wasting any time and putting more effort at all. Simply use the system and make a fire within a second.

With its large viewing area, you will have a maximum viewing area that will be pleasurable and more realistic. You can enjoy an amazing moment with your beloved one or spend a good time beside it by reading a book, taking a cup of coffee, or just relaxing.

Moreover, two rows of real flames are there that make it even more enjoyable to watch. At night, it will add some aesthetic looks to your room. So shouldn’t you give a try?

  • Large coverage with the fast heating ability
  • Amazing viewing option with real-life looking flame
  • High efficient fuel consumption
  • Easy to operate and easy to ignite
  • Auto shut off to prevent overheat and low oxygen
  • No heat protection for kids
  • The construction might not be that durable

7. Ashley Hearth AGC500VFMLP Cast Iron Stove

Ashley Hearth AGC500VFMLP Cast Iron Stove is one of the useful gas fireplace heaters you can have in your room. Unlike the previous one, this one does not have that construction issue. It is constructed with cast iron that delivers maximum durability and longevity. This one can be the best freestanding gas fireplace with its ability to stand with its high-quality construction.

With this one, you will get up to 31, 000 BTUs temperature output that can cover up to 1, 000 square feet. That means you can heat up a large room within a few minutes and enjoy the comfortable weather easily. Since you have hidden controls that you can access with the swing-down bottom panel, you can get your desired heat easily.

You can hook it up to other millivolt thermostats so that it can control the temperature automatically to remove the hassle to adjust the heat manually. By adding it, you leave everything on the fireplace to control the heat.

The hand-crafted split log set comes with a fireplace that delivers realistic-looking flames. That means you will get an amazing flame view along with heat. You can enjoy spending time near the fireplace by viewing the flame.

Along with that, this fireplace enhances the beauty of your room as well. It comes with a high-gloss enameled porcelain finish that looks awesome naturally. You need to simply place it at the corner of your room and it will perfectly match the vibe of your room. And if you have your room designed with wooden furniture or old-fashioned furniture, people will consider this one of your furniture for its good look.

Since it does not require a vent, you can get a higher efficiency of up to 99 percent that will save your money every year. So overall, this one surely looks very simple for sure, however, it can work effectively and deliver a good service to heat up your room easily.

  • Higher efficiency with large room coverage
  • Looks fine in the room and can be placed in the corner
  • Durable construction with the fast heating ability
  • Easy to maintain with ventless design
  • Good looking flame for an amazing view
  • No automatic heat control

How to choose the best gas fireplace

Not everyone has got proper knowledge on the fireplace. For that, it becomes tough to choose the best gas fireplace even when you have a list of some good gas fireplaces. So here are the tips to get the right one for your room.

Vent or ventless

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you want a vented or ventless gas fireplace. You will find both of them in the market and both have some good and bad sides. A vented gas fireplace takes combustion gas from the outside that keeps the inside air safe to breathe. However, it is not that efficient since a large amount of heat is dispersed.

On the other hand, a ventless gas fireplace comes with higher efficiency since no heat is dispersed at all. You can save a lot of money from here. However, since it feeds the fire from inside gas, it may not keep your room air fresh. So, find your convenience and choose the right one for you.

Natural gas or propane or dual fuel

You will find the best natural gas fireplace, propane gas fireplace, and dual fuel gas fireplace in the market to choose from. All of them are good. However, you might not have a natural gas supply at your home. Or you may not like to use natural gas as well. The same goes for propane gas as well.

In that case, a dual fuel gas fireplace can be a suitable solution for you. You can use either propane or gasoline which one you find more convenient to use and available for you. This will remove the hassle of choosing one.

Your room size and heat output

As you know that not all fireplaces come with the same capacity. You need to choose the right fireplace that can support your room size. For that, make sure you have measured the room size at first and then check the capacity of the fireplace you are going to buy. You will find the capacity of the fireplace easily.

Similarly, make sure to check the heat output as well since this will tell you how fast you can get a warm room. If the heat output is high, it will heat up your room faster and vice versa. Try to get a higher heat output so that you can get a comfortable room environment quickly.

Temperature control

Making the room heated faster is easy for sure. But what if you overheat it? What if you make the oxygen level lower and the carbon monoxide level higher because of overheat? Well, for that, it is important to choose one that offers temperature control. It is better to choose an automatic temperature-controlled fireplace that also has an oxygen sensor. It will help you get a comfortable room condition all the time and remove the hassle to adjust the room temperature. Also, you can be risk-free from low oxygen and high carbon monoxide as well. Since you know safety is always first, you should consider it.


Finally, check the construction of the fireplace. You know, your fireplace will last as long as the construction lasts. For that, you should choose a fireplace built with top-quality materials. At the same time, make sure it looks good since you have to place it in your room. If the look is not good, it will destroy the beauty of your room easily. So the construction and good look should be your priority as well. You will find some good fireplaces that have both good quality construction and a good look. Try to find those and choose one for your room.

If you can follow those tips, I hope you can end up buying the best one for your room to get comfortable room weather.

advantages of gas fireplaces

Advantages of Gas fireplaces

Since you are going to invest in the fireplace, you need to know the advantages you can get from it. Stick until the end to know the advantages.

  1. The gas fireplace offers maximum convenience to use since you do not need to chop woods and make fire manually with lots of hassles.
  2. Since you are not cutting trees to feed the fire, you are saving the environment in a way.
  3. You can get continuous heat from the gas fireplace that you might not get in other fireplaces.
  4. Since there is no wood or coal to feed the fire, there is no dirt and that is why there is no need to clean.
  5. Most gas fireplaces come with a stylish design that will enhance the beauty of your room and home.
  6. Gas fireplace makes heat quicker and generates more heat to increase the temperature of your room fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Well, then check out the section below where we have answered some commonly asked questions.

What brand of gas fireplace is the best?

There are a lot of brands available in the market from which you can choose a fireplace. Among them, pleasant heart, ProCom are some common and popular fireplace brands.

Which gas fire is most efficient?

There are different types of gas fireplaces available. Among those many types, vent-free gas fire offers maximum efficiency in terms of fuel consumption.

What are the best direct vent gas fireplaces?

You will find a lot of good direct vent gas fireplaces that offer quality service. Among them, I would like to mention the Empire Laboratories brand and ask you to check it out.

Are gas fireplaces bad for your health?

Not at all. It may provide you warm during the cold weather but it can damage your health for sure. This will increase the carbon monoxide level in the air. However, if you have a vented fireplace, you can reduce the risk.

Is a gas fireplace worth it?

Well, if you live in a place where the temperature gets too low in the winter and you need something to warm you up, then a gas fireplace is worth it for sure.

Wrapping up

A good gas fireplace can make your room comfortable and warm during the cold weather. It will generate a decent amount of heat to quickly heat up your room and allow you to control the heat at your convenient level. Also, you can easily make fire and the fireplace will suit your room perfectly.

By keeping all those things in mind, getting the best gas fireplace is somehow difficult. That is the reason we have portrayed some quality gas fireplaces with their goods and bads. It will help you compare all those and bring out the best one from there. So choose the right one and enjoy the winter.

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