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How to Smoke on a Gas Grill

If we knew about how to smoke on a gas grill, we could have enjoyed various kinds of delicious smoked dishes in our own house. Delicious and juicy rare medium-heavy steaks and smoked kebabs are those mouthwatering foods that we want to have or miss during feasts and festivals.

Any new cook who does not know how to cook smoked dishes should learn about how to smoke on a gas grill so that he or she can easily start the procedures. I bet the procedures showing underneath the article will be helpful for the new cooks.

After rubbing your eyes through the article, you will be able to catch the essential or common steps of smoking on a gas grill in different styles like a cold one or a hot one.

Without dragging the indications more, let’s come to the main knowledge about which the article is written for!

Smoking on a Gas Grill

At first, we should know what do we mean by ‘smoking on a gas grill’.

Does ‘Smoking on A Gas Grill’ Actually Work?

Yes! Smoking a slice of meat or dish on a gas grill is possible.

Many people think that smoking on a gas grill is quite impossible. But it’s not! In many peoples’ opinions, smoking on a gas grill gives poor performance. That is because they do not know how to smoke on a gas grill properly.

Actually, we need few utensils for doing this. We will need 3 or 4 stands that will hold the smoker container or box. Some small pieces of wood and coal by which we can create a smoky environment inside the smoker box and aluminum foil. That’s it. Bang on! We are ready to cook!

Smoking Styles

There are basically 2 different types of smoking.

  • Hot Smoking
  • Cold Smoking

Hot Smoking

By the term ‘Hot Smoking’, we understand a cooking style in an environment of heat and smoke altogether in a covered on the uncovered griller. Generally, in this process, the heat ranges between 190degree F to 300degree F. The size and thickness of the meat are responsible for how much time it will take to cook.

Beef, buffalo, or pork ribs are generally cooked with smoke in this hot smoking process because this process is comparatively fast for the bone meats to get cooked.

Cold Smoking

By the term ‘Cold Smoking’, we understand a cooking style where the meat or the food is cured and preserved and later on the smoky flavor is added respectively. In this case, the food remains a bit raw even at the end of the cooking. The temperature ranges between 20degree C to 30degree C (68degree F to 86degree F).

All the moist foods like Salmon, chunks of beef meat, sausages, bacon, and even vegetables too are cooked in this cold smoking process.

How to Smoke on A Gas Grill with Chips

Here, the word ‘chips’ is not that chips which are familiar to us. These chips mean wood chips which means tiny pieces of wood. People should try to learn about how to smoke on a gas grill because, in my own opinion, it is the easiest way to smoke. Adding smoke with wood chips for grilling is called ‘Mesquite Grill’ style.

Making the Chips Ready to Use

  • At first, we have to let the wood chips get soaked in water for a few hours.
  • Then before cooking, we will need 3 to 4 layers of aluminum foil paper inside which the soaked wood chips will be wrapped.
  • Then we will have to make few tiny holes in that wrapped foil paper so that it can blow away the rich smoke to get mixed with the meat on the gas grill.

Creating Smoke with the Chips

We have to set the gas griller with stands. Then, we have to put a smoke pot on the flame and the aluminum foil-coated wood chips on the smoke pots. After few moments, the wood chips will start creating smoke which will reach the food. If we cover the griller, then the whole rich smoky flavor will be soaked by the meat. That is how wood chips are used to smoke on a gas grill.

How to Smoke on a Propane Grill

Before beginning with this part, let’s look up to some of the pseudo details about propane gas grills.

Propane Gas Grill

We know that propane gas is more powerful than natural other gases used in stoves. It is used as fuel too. Those grills which contain propane gas for cooking are called propane gas grill.

Why Propane Grills Are Used?

It is because propane gas grills contain propane gas which has more power than natural others to smoke. Also, it lets the smoke pot gets heated up quickly. Natural gas grills have BTU (British Thermal Unit) power to smoke. But propane grills have more than this BTU power to smoke and heats up the surface quickly. Propane contains approximately double amount of energy than natural gas. One cubic foot natural gas is 1030 BTUs whether the same amount of propane is equal to 2516 BTUs.

According to some grilling purists, propane gas is more environment-friendly than others and it emits greenhouse gases comparatively less in amounts. It also heats up more than others.

Smoking on a Propane Grill

Now, we will be learning about how to smoke on a propane grill. A propane griller is pretty easy to use as it has already natural powers to create rich smoke.

  • In a normal gas grill, we have to use propane gas instead of the regular ones. Pre-heating the grill is not that necessary here.
  • Regular wood chunks are needed in water-soaked conditions. As this gas has lots of power, we won’t be in need of foil papers to create extra rich smoke.
  • After turning on the gas on the griller, we have to put a smoking pot aside from that grill on the flame.
  • We have to put the raw version of water-soaked wood chunks inside the pot.
  • After putting the meat on the grill, we have to cover it and then the rich smoke will let the food be cooked.

Generally, people use propane grills in barbeque parties so that the food gets cooked faster than regular time.

How to Convert Your Gas Grill Into A Smoker

We know that gas grills are not made for smoking meat. But it is possible to convert it to a good smoker. Maybe the service will not be top-notch but it will be money-saving technique to enjoy smoked dishes. The result might not be as good as charcoal-grilled food but that will be great to taste for sure.

A two-zone set-up is needed to let the smoke roam only inside the grill so that the food gets smoked perfectly. It is a process of indirect grilling method. We have to let a thermometer check the heating temperature to get controlled according to our wish.

  • First, we have let some wood chips be soaked in water for a few hours. Water-soaked chips are not fundamental. We can use the dried ones too.
  • We have to cover them in foil papers with proper security.
  • The grilling pan should be set on the flaming burner.
  • The placement of the pan should be kept a bit aside so that the smoke will get mixed perfectly.
  • We have to turn on the burner at high flame.
  • When the wood chips will start creating smoke, we will check the temperature and adjust accordingly.

That is how we can convert our gas grill into a smoker.


Does smoking on a gas grill worth it?

Answer: Yes, definitely. But if we have a huge party and have to make more and more grills, we have to buy a smoker, otherwise, gas grills are perfect for a regular basis.

What kind of precautions are needed before smoking on a gas grill?

Answer: The grill must be set up pretty far away from any building. An apron is needed. The children should stay away from it and most importantly, the only person who knows to attend the flames of grills will turn the burner on.

Which grilling method is suitable for smoking a whole chicken or fat and heavy pork meat?

Answer: My recommendation will be the ‘Indirect Grilling’ method. Though it takes a lot more time than the regular smoking time, it makes a perfect steak. So that’s the suitable one for smoking a whole chicken or fat and heavy pork meat.


We can find high-end and dedicated smokers in the market. But if we cannot afford to buy them, alternatives are there always which has been discussed throughout the whole article. I hope, you guys can now know about the usage of gas grills as a smoker. No DIYs can be as perfect as the original one but it surely can work more than expectations if the important precautions and are implemented properly.

We all have ideas about grills but smoking on it didn’t come to peoples’ minds before. Now everyone can apply this budget-friendly technique after knowing how to smoke on a gas grill. So have a try now!

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