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How To Connect Propane Tank To Fire Pit

Propane tanks are used in our day-to-day life for cooking, heating up water, and food items. Some of the contributing factors behind Propane’s rising demand are its safe, environment-friendly nature. Propane tanks are handy, easy to use, and way more feasible than many other options. You may have thought about buying one too, but do you know how to connect propane tank to fire pit?

No worries! Connecting a propane tank to a fire pit may seem like a hassle, but it really isn’t.  Propane Tanks can also be easily attached to your Grills, Stoves, and fire pits.  Their installation process is very simple. You don’t need to be an expert to learn it. Using a few quick steps, you can easily connect a Propane Tank:

How to connect propane tank to fire pit

Connecting a propane tank to a fire pit is not any rocket science at all. If you can follow the steps we are going to mention below, you can comfortably install it for sure.

1. Get/Fill-up the Tank:-

So, you want to know how to connect propane tank to fire pit, right? Well, you cannot use an empty tank. So, go ahead and fill your tank. If you don’t have a propane tank, go get one. Make sure you’re buying/filling the tank only from an authorized dealer.

2. Check the Valve:-

DO NOT use an open tank. Make sure your tank is fully sealed off.

There’s a gas valve, right on the top surface of the tank. Turn in all the way to the right, to the OFF position. Check for a tight connection. Make sure the gas valve is sealed off properly.

The gas valve often comes with a plastic cap, remove that. Now, your tank is fully ready to be connected to a fire pit/bbq grill/stove. The possibilities are unlimited (well, not really!)

3. Hose Connection:-

Now you’ll need a hose with a regulator. These regulators will help attach the stove/pit to your propane tank. Clean the regulators thoroughly. DO not use a dirty regulator. Make sure there isn’t any grease or dust. That’s really disgusting and unhygienic.

You can use an adjustable regulator and attach it to your propane tank. Always attach the regulator hose with the key valve of the tank.

Thoroughly check the gas regulator hose. Make sure there aren’t any holes in there. This is extremely important for establishing a safe connection.

Live the hose with your hands and attach it to the tank. Turn the hose connector clockwise to tighten the connection.

Remember, always connect the burner hose to the tank ONLY USING YOUR HANDS. Using any tools to tighten the connection is strictly discouraged.

4. Connecting to a fire pit:-

Fire pits are used for cooking, doing BBQ, and stuff. We all know that. There’s usually a separate chamber, covered with separate doors to place a propane tank into the pit.

There are two types of Propane Tanks: internal and external. If you’re using an internal propane tank, look for a tank ring in your fire pit.

Open your fire pit doors. Securely place the internal propane tank uptight into that tank ring. There are little screws attached to the tank ring, to ensure a strong connection.  Make sure you tightly turn the thumbscrews to keep the tank in place.

Push the tank back and forth to see whether it moves. If it doesn’t, you’re good to go!

5. Ensuring a perfect connection:-

This step is really necessary to make sure you have a safe connection, and the tank won’t blow up your house!

Make a soap water solution with equal parts of soap and water. Fill an empty spray bottle with the mixture.

Turn the tank’s gas valve left to open it. This will allow the propane gas inside the tank to flow out, even spread throughout your fire pit.

Immediately after opening the valve, you will generously spray the soapy water on the tank surface. Make sure to spray the connecting surface of the tank regulator and the hose valve. Closely observe for a few seconds.

Any sign of bubbles forming indicates a poor connection. It means that there is leak(s) in your setup. Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Simply turn the tank valve clockwise and close it. Thoroughly check all the connections, reconnect them if needed. Spray the soap water again to check.

Never lit the fire pit before ensuring a secure connection. Leaky tanks can cause serious fire injuries, including explosions and other fire hazards.

Otherwise, if no bubbles form, Congratulations! You have successfully installed a propane tank in your fire pit! Go ahead and enjoy that BBQ!

So yes, you can attach a propane tank to your fire pit, that is simple!


Now you know how to connect propane tank to fire pit. Actually, when you know the right process and have the right tools, nothing seems so difficult at all. Yes, it may seem difficult when you are doing it for the first time. However, with time, you can be a master of it and help others connecting it as well.

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